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Becoming more than a bank: Digital transformation at DBS. In an interview with McKinsey's Joydeep Sengupta, Chng Sok Hui, Chief Financial Officer of DBS, discusses how mindsets and culture are just as important as technology for a digital-forward bank. Digital and analytics Bank of the future DBS: Digital Transformation to Best Bank in the World. DBS was awarded the best bank in world by three top finance awards within a 12-month period. A feat never achieved before. In 2018, it won Global Finance's Best Bank in the World award and Euromoney's Best Digital Bank in the World, and in 2019, it became the first bank in the world to. In the last six years, we have undertaken a top to bottom digital transformation, recognized in 2019 by Harvard Business Review as one of the top ten strategic transformations of the de cade. Euromoney has also named DBS the world's top digital bank for two of the last three years

Becoming more than a bank: Digital transformation at DBS

When we were thinking about the digital transformation of DBS, we saw three key elements as vitally important. One is how we digitized to the core. We saw many companies put on digital lipstick, some kind of front-end system, and a fancy website At DBS Investor Day 2017, we will tell the story behind our digital transformation. We will disclose the financials and the methodology behind them and share how our technology platforms and the way business is done have evolved to achieve superior financial outcomes This case series examines the two stage transformation of DBS 2009- 2017. In both stages the bank places the customer as the centre of its thinking about how to structure, resource and play in the market. In 2009 DBS was an underperforming national bank with overseas branches, losing traction and lacking a compelling strategy As reported by OpenGov Asia, digital transformation efforts in New Zealand's healthcare sector continues to make waves amid the COVID-19 pandemic, reports say. Ten months after the Health and Disability System Review was released in June 2020, it looks like its recommendations for overhauling the health system will be enacted and digital transformation will be a major component of the changes

In DBS the bank adopted three strategic tenants to drive the implementation of making banking joyful. These were: 1. Become digital from the core. Create a rock-solid foundation of core systems the bank could build on and orchestrate a complete transformation of the bank from front to back. 2. Embedding ourselves in the customer journey DBS's strategy for digital dominance. While no secret formula to success exists, an insatiable appetite for transformation can be cited as a foundational reason for such digital dominance

DBS: Digital Transformation to Best Bank in the World

  1. For driving their technology transformation, DBS Bank has created a program called GANDALF which stands for key principles behind the bank's technology choices
  2. This has enormous capacity to tune in to the diverse customer journeys. We, at DBS, are excited for this digital transformation powered by our strong API model. Talking to our systems through world's largest API platform . All in, DBS has launched over 160 APIs in the region across more than 20 categories
  3. How DBS became the 'world's best bank' through digital transformation DBS's Soh Siew Choo explains how behind three global best bank awards lie the adoption of an agile startup culture and the.
  4. Having undergone its own digital transformation journey over the past decade, DBS understands that digitalisation is more than just technology. It is about solving business problems - identifying customer frustrations and friction points and asking how technology can help drive the business forward
  5. Building on Strategy 1.0 that is implemented from 2010 to 2014 to shape the bank up to international standards, DBS's Strategy 2.0 focuses on Making Banking Joyful through three key tenets: (1) digital to the core; (2) being customer obsessed; (3) creating a start-up culture
  6. DBS Bank, a Singaporean multinational banking corporation, accelerated its digital transformation to respond to challenges posed by COVID-19. 5G-enabled banking has been identified as a new normal..

Paul Cobban will provide more details about DBS Bank's digital transformation in his session The 22,000 Person Start-Up at the Business Agility Conference in New York City on February 23 - 24. The prototype for DBS's digital transformation has not been any other bank or financial institution. Rather, the bank has looked to global technology giants for inspiration and guidance. We spent a lot of time deep in Silicon Valley looking at how Google, Amazon and Netflix operate, says Gledhill Let me share just a few of the important things DBS leaders learned about digital transformation. 5 keys to digital transformation success First, work simplification was key. In order to digitise the business, the company had to simplify. Paul Cobban, the chief digital officer, told me his team conducted more than 200 workshops to reduce waste - wasted effort, redundant processes, and overlapping technologies

DBS: On Becoming the Wizard of Digital Transformatio

DBS: Digital Transformation to Best Bank in the World. by Annie Koh, Robin Speculand, Adina Wong, Wee-Kiat Lim. Discipline: Strategy. Description. This case covers the period from 2014 to 2020, when DBS embarks on its second strategy under the stewardship of Piyush Gupta Siew Choo Soh, DBS—Digital Transformation in the Banking Industry, SpringOne Platform 2018. Watch later

Digital Transformation and Its Importance To The Industry. Today, I (Thomas Lui, Regional Manager SSEA) am interviewing Amit Agarwal (AA), Executive Director and Head of Open Account Trade (OAT) Products at Global Transaction Services, DBS, about digital transformation in this edition DBS has been named the inaugural winner of the Digital Transformation Award in the Hackett Group's Digital Awards 2020, marking the first time a Singapore company has been recognised in the Hackett Group's awards. The bank was also a finalist in the Automation - Artificial Intelligence category, for its Joy Corporate Banking Chat Bot This started DBS in 2013 on their journey to rethink the future. Coined as an initiative to make banking joyful, DBS undertook an intensive digital transformation exercise centred on three key pillars: Embracing Digital (end-to-end) Rethinking the Customer Journey, focusing on their jobs-to-be-done DBS Bank was able to transform to become World's Best Digital Bank in just a few years. What were the biggest obstacles that had to be overcome as part of that transformational process? Early on in our transformation journey, we made a conscious decision not to drive our transformation through a small innovation team

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Siew Choo Soh of DBS is one of the few women in the world heading digital transformation at a big bank, building a culture around big data to scale up. Technology has transformed every industry.

This article presents a framework based on the digital transformation journey of DBS Bank and draws new managerial insights for driving digital transformation strategically. Keywords digital transformation, future-ready enterprise, organizational ambidexterity, strategic IT alignment Att genomföra en digital transformation kräver som sagt en rad förändringar. Och att genomföra förändring är ingen barnlek. Dels för att vi som människor överlag ogillar förändringar, faktum är att enbart 3% uppger att de gillar förändring, men dels krävs det också en eller flera tydliga förändringsledare som har förmåga att få med sig organisationen Another tangible outcome of DBS' digital transformation journey include the development of DBS digibank, India's first mobile-only bank that allows customers there to access bank services from. DRIVING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AT THE DBS BANK CASE STUDY QUESTION 1: How did Crespin staff its Digital Bank? What did Crespin do to ensure an excellent performance and scale itself faster? ANSWER 1: Digital Bank decided to move forward with its digital transformation program. Gupta and team had to decide on how to set up a new digital banking organization

Transforming a bank by becoming digital to the core McKinse

DBS' digital transformation efforts have been widely recognized as at the end-2018, return on equity, at 12.1%, was among the highest for a developed market bank. Over 80% of DBS' open systems were cloud-ready; its API platform had over 350 APIs, business and tech teams were co-drivers in 33 platforms, and over 10,000 employees were trained on a data-driven curriculum Start your digital transformation journey with DBS Start Digital Start Digital program aims to improve the productivity of SMEs by subscribing to digital solution services such as Netiquette Software. SMEs are also able to stay competitive in the market and to grow their business through the presence of e-commerce DBS Bank (formerly known as the Development Bank of Singapore) recently made an outstanding achievement as it was crowned as World's Best Bank of 2019 by leading global financial publication, Euromoney. The Bank's tremendous success was largely accredited to its digital transformation which is recognized as one of the most comprehensive in the world DBS, the largest bank in Southeast Asia, embarked on a journey of digital transformation in late 2013. In parallel with creating a new organizational unit called Digibank to spearhead the bank's expansion into new markets, the bank launched the Digital Mindset program to help change the company from within

27. CONSEQUENCES OF PURSUING A DIGITAL STRATEGY In 2014, the bank achieved its 22nd back to back quarter of year-on-year development, salary and income. In 2014, net profit crossing the $4 billion DBS bank's share price also rose from $11.48 to $20.60 from 2009 to 2014 Robust technology infrastructure. 28 DBS to offer tailored app in its digital transformation. DBS in September unveiled a plan to introduce a new service called intelligent banking. (Photo by Akira Kodaka) SINGAPORE -- DBS Group. DBS Group Holdings Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Piyush Gupta discusses the usage of new technology and the prospects for digital transformation in the banking industry. He also talks about the. But to DBS Bank, Southeast Asia's largest bank by market capitalisation, that transformation started as early as a decade ago when its current group CIO David Gledhill came onboard in 2008 DBS Bank is on a transformation journey to grow from being the Development Bank of Singapore to become a digital bank powered by data. With so many people carrying smartphones, and banking services available on the go, will physical banks go the way of dinosaurs? Several years ago, even as DBS Bank was doing well, it observed several trends.

Digital Transformation in DBS Bank Abstract Digital transformation is a global process of banking sector to change their traditional structure and culture into the digital culture with the help of technology. To make an impact in digital age, the organization needs to be maximum in size, ability, flexible, logical, mature and ready to accept the real time changes The returns from DBS's digital transformation strategy have been attractive. CFO Chng Sok Hui revealed that the bank now generates double the income [v] from digital customers as it earns from traditional customers. In 2015 itself, the bank recorded that nearly 99% all customer interactions were digital in some form or another

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DBS transformation (C): The world's best digital bank

DBS, L'École de Commerce 4.0, forme aux nouveaux métiers digitalisés. Découvre notre Bachelor (Bac à Bac+3) RH & Transformation Digitale DBS announced today it is scaling up the transformation of its branches across Singapore as customers seek quicker, socially-distanced, and more personalised branch banking services, and shift. DBS harnesses multiple resources. With DBS focused on the digital transformation of financial services, the bank is clearly well positioned to grow its bancassurance business. Digital is a vital enabler in today's world for all areas of the demographic spectrum, he concludes DBS is the first bank to deploy GovTech' digital transformation solutions, property loans and more. That's why we have doubled down on our digital innovation efforts to make the customer onboarding journey as seamless and intuitive as possible We're very pleased that Zinnov and NASSCOM have recognized our digital transformation journey and awarded us as Transformation Catalysts. DBS Bank has forayed into new customer segments without.

How DBS transformed into a data-driven organisation

Example #4 (DBS Bank) — Think like a startup. Culture change is a common obstacle to digital transformation success, especially for decades-old companies with siloed business functions and entrenched legacy processes.. DBS Bank, a 51-year-old banking and financial services giant based in Singapore, met that challenge head-on The DBS P-Card is just one step in Yang Kee's digital roadmap, and we look forward to working closely with DBS and our partners to further drive our digital transformation. Ng Choon Eng, Managing Director of Rejoice Container Services, one of the haulage companies which has applied for the DBS P-Card said, Our drivers can enjoy significant time-savings and convenience from using the. 45,107. Add to Wishlist. SET UP YOUR DIGIBANK APP IN UNDER 3 MINUTES. (3 STEPS) - Step 1: Download DBS digibank app. - Step 2a: Existing customer: Register with your DBS ATM/Debit/Credit Card number and PIN, or via SingPass Face Verification (Singaporean/PR only) - Step 2b: New customer: Sign up with MyInfo and start banking with a bank account. Enjoy more flexibility with the new feature to set your preferred payable amount. Learn More. DBS Remit & Overseas Transfer. Earn rewards up to $900. upon completion of remittance and FX trading at the same time. Learn More. Online Time Deposit Offer. Enjoy HK$200 cash reward and. preferential interest rates up to 2.35% p.a Digital Transformation ใน DBS - แผนก Analytics, การสร้าง Value ด้วยเทคโนโลยี, ความเปลี่ยนแปลงขององค์กรในยุคดิจิทัล. April 19, 2018 Big Data and Data Science, Business, Cloud and Systems, Featured Post

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Once again DBS shines as a leading light in banking. - Global Finance DBS represents what we believe a bank should look like today. - Euromoney DBS is a world leader in digital transformation. - The Banker Minimum Average Balance for Maximum Benefits Facilitate digital transformation today and prevent obstacles tomorrow. Learn how. Download the IDC report on digital transformation and achieving better business outcomes To DBS, the largest bank in Southeast Asia by assets, this digital transformation was an on-going journey in building a next-generation enterprise. It centred on developing the core capabilities to be ready for a digital future, i.e., the agility to scale technology infrastructure, to delight customers, to connect with ecosystem partners, and to innovate in ways that are unimaginable today

How DBS Bank Pursued a Digital Business Strategy Business digitalization is changing the competitive landscape in many industries. Digi-tally savvy customers are demanding more while threats of digital disruptions from new entrants are rising. This article describes how DBS, a large Asian bank, responde DBS has also led the push on digital transformation and fintech collaboration, accumulating a 49% market share of online and mobile channel users in Singapore. Group retail and wealth contributed 31% of total loans and 33% of total income in 2015 Every year, financial services magazine Euromoney gives out numerous awards for excellence to firms in many categories, at country, regional, and global levels.Their inaugural pick for best digital bank: Singapore-based DBS Bank.. DBS wasn't always a digital leader, however. The story of its digital transformation is all the more remarkable because one of its goals for its technology - in. DBS Bank. When DBS began their agile journey to become a digital leader, SoftEd partnered with them to support their agile transformation. The challenge. DBS Bank is a leading financial services company in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, it has a growing presence in the region with over 22,000 employees and 280 branches across 18 markets Strong performance means more users. Unlike most banking services, growing revenue isn't the immediate goal for Verimi. None of the platforms should think about revenue first, said Markus Pertlwieser, the bank's chief digital officer. It's about consumer engagement, the number of active users and market share.

How Singapore's DBS Bank is riding the digital innovation

Gupta's transformation program is regarded by many in the industry as the most far-reaching of any bank's. Internally, DBS has inculcated a startup mind-set among its 26,000 employees to help them develop and deliver simple and effortless services, enabling customers to — in the words of its latest brand campaign — live more, bank less Transforming DBS bank into a tech company. Bidyut Dumra, head of innovation at DBS, speaks about how the bank is not merely trying to compete with other financial institutions, but with the top global technology companies. Publish date: 03 December 2020. Author: DBS Group This case chronicled the digital transformation of DBS Bank in seeking regional growth amidst a new digital era in the Asian banking industry. Led by its CEO, DBS invested heavily in technology and undertook radical changes to 'rewire' the entire enterprise for digital innovation. Key thrusts of it Step 1: Assess Digital Opportunity for Client's Processes Top-down sizing of digital opportunity and break-down of automation levels at a sub-process level Step 2: Select and Prioritize Proces DBS, a leading financial services group headquartered in Singapore, operates across 18 markets. A frontrunner in digital transformation, we seek to deliver a new kind of banking that is so simple, seamless and invisible, that customers have more time to spend on the things they care about

Driving Digital Transformation at the DBS Bank Case Study Help Analysis With Solution Online The presentation of the case study establishes a frame work for analysis. It is explained in a way that the students can easily figure out. Case studies have long been used in business, law, medical and social science in order [ A well-defined objective must be in a measurable format. For example, Cisco's objective for digital transformation between 2015 and 2020 was 40/40/2020, where 40% of total company revenue would come from recurring sources, and 40% would come from software by the end of 2020. In Cisco's case, it became necessary to create a clear distinction. But to DBS Bank, Southeast Asia's largest bank by market capitalisation, that transformation started as early as a decade ago when its current group CIO David Gledhill came onboard in 2008

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Reinventing banking: A look at DBS Bank's digital

DBS, a prominent household name in Singapore and one of the leading financial services groups in Asia, has received widespread recognition for its commitment to digital strategy as well as its suite of supporting HR programmes that is designed to transform the 22,000-strong organisation into one that embraces a start-up culture centred on digitisation DBS' Chief Data and Transformation Officer, Paul Cobban, said: We have never believed in limiting digital expertise to a small team. The bank's newest digital initiative follows their continuous efforts to scale up their digital learning tools to digitally transform their operations and stay ahead of the technology curve In Episode 13 of MING Labs' podcast Lost In Transformation, we talk to Scott Anthony, the Managing Director of Innosight Consulting in Asia Pacific, about how DBS transformed to become the World. 5 Examples of digital transformation. The top industries for digital-first business strategies are services (95 percent), financial services (93 percent) and healthcare (92 percent). But really almost any industry may benefit from digital transformation. Here are five good examples of digital transformation across a number of industries DBS Group - UOB Kay Hian 2020-01-03: Clear Leader In Digital Transformation. DBS (SGX:D05) is a beneficiary of the Phase 1 trade deal between the US and China due to its larger exposure to Greater China. DBS is a clear leader in digital transformation, having been recognised as the World's Best Digital Bank by Euromoney two times in 2016 and 2018

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DBS Bank. DBA Bank is also one of the best digital transformation examples in banking; on November 30, 2017, DBS in partnership with IBM launched an RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Singapore. The center is the first of its kind in the region, and it has proven to be quite a success in helping DBA implement digital transformation In January 2010, the new DBS chief executive officer, Piyush Gupta, was tasked to realise the bank's vision to be the 'Asian bank of choice for the new Asia'. The global financial crisis of 2008 had created an opportunity for DBS to fill the void left by the Western banks that were suffering from its aftermath. Gupta, a former Citibank executive, had to reconcile the harmonious yet. The DBS BusinessClass bundle includes a digital offering of community forum and message board, live chat, access to an expert panel of 45 business advisors, and a stream of curated articles, guides, and videos tailored to the needs of SMEs Moody's Investors Service says that DBS Bank Ltd. (DBS, Aa1 stable, a1) and Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited (SCB, Baa1 stable, baa2) are both making a strong push for digital transformation, as the threat of disruption by technology-driven ventures grows DRIVING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AT THE DBS BANK Business Models for Digital Economy Case Study SubmissionGroup 8, Secti..

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